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business design crash course

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source: Business of Design Crash Course w/ Rebecca Ep. 5

Hire freelancers who are new, young and/or beginners

Direct them to close the gap in knowledge

"design the company so good you do as little work as possible"

But why give the work away when your passion is in it? Do you want to run a company or perform your passion?

Freelancer or business-owner?

A-players hire A-players.

How to price subcontractors to protect yourself from losing money?

"Charge double the rate: add in extra time because it will get eaten up."

You need about 30-50% of padding when scheduling your time and plans for a project.

Run your company like a boss.

Try LinkedIn Pro. Reply to everyone who has checked out your profile and also those who connect with you. Be a busy social networker.

Because why do they look at your profile? You're somehow interesting to them, this is an open opportunity.

Write a value proposition on LinkedIn for clients (can't remember what this was about or what a value proposition is exactly 😂)

Replicate what others would do to find you. Reverse engineer the process so you can improve how they can find you.

Social media: teach while you learn. Don't teach when you know.

Spend some good time finding new prospects.

Paying people in benchmarks / steps is less risky for your business.

Pfew, quickly finished this one before it's all happy new years everybody!


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