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Apr 18, 2019 08:52:47

Building the week (part 2 of 2)

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What would an ideal week look like?

It might be worth drafting one on paper.

Could you make something like that happen?

Maybe you could if you planned your week in advance.

Below is the second half of my weekly planning ritual (the first half is here). Maybe it's useful to you.

Before I move on, I check the schedule. Is there something there for career, relationships, and self?

Next comes the scary bit.

Map the landscape

I dump everything that needs to be done into one place.

I check last week's plan. I check my task list. I check the Action folder in my email. I review my vision. I review my goals. I check all of my client backlogs.

Everything goes into this place.

And now, triage.

Is it actionable? If it's just a note, it belongs elsewhere. If I'm waiting on someone, it belongs elsewhere.

Will it take 2mins or less, I do right there and then. It will be quicker to do it now than to plan it into the next week.

Is it essential? No, really. Sometime things end up on my list because I think it might be useful. Might be useful may not be worth my time any more. Not with the opportunity costs. I put it on the backburner or let it go.

Is it essential this week? Same thing but now I'm setting constraints. If it can be done next week, I leave it for next week. I can always do it if I run out of things this week.

Can I delegate it? If yes, I do.

Kill your darlings

I know this term was for editing but in the same way that Stephen King uses it to pare away the unnecessary to make the book better, I need to pare away the unnecessary to make my week better.

3 lists of 5.

The first list: Five most important tasks of the week
if these were the only tasks I completed during the week Iā€™d be satisfied

The second list: Secondary tasks of importance
to be done only after I have completed the above tasks

The third list: Additional tasks
to be done only after I have completed the above tasks

The other items go into a backlog. They're still there. They're just hiding.

The point is to focus on less.

The truth

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

--Dwight D. Eisenhower

I can guarantee you that you won't follow your plans to the letter.

But if you have the 3 lists of 5 and operate from them, you have the best chance of completing the first list across the week.

If you build sleep and food and exercise into your calendar, you have the best chance of making them happen.

And even if you don't...you'll be able to see what pulled you from the plan.

If you plan something and it doesn't work, either your execution is bad or the plan is bad.
Both are measurable. Both can be improved upon.

Without a plan though, how can you know what to improve upon?

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