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Apr 03, 2019 13:44:16

Brew house

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Victoria Maung

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Last night, my college friend came over to visit me from her spring break. She's nearly done with her second year at University of Delaware as a physical therapy student and is soon travelling to New Mexico, Idaho, and Tennessee for her clinical internships.

She came straight from Manhattan, where she was visiting other friends, on a 6-hour Amtrak train ride (so when does America get its high-speed rails?). We went to the Genesee Brew House, a great riverfront brewery and had burgers, beer, and sauerkraut hot dogs. Then we walked along the bridge next to it, traversing the dam's High Falls, a powerful and murky rush of cascading waters.

Rochester's a quiet city, she remarked. I agreed with her, adding that it being rather dreary and the beginning of the week didn't help foot traffic. Especially having recently been in New York, I understood her sentiment.

We then drove over to Wegmans to pick up food for the week (cinnamon chip muffins, anyone?) and came home, introduced her to my roommates' children (a.k.a. beta fish and hamster). And as a part two of my roommate's birthday, we had some delicious cherry cheesecake.

Despite my never-ending workload, I must say that one of the reasons that makes compromises with my responsibilities easier is knowing that you genuinely care about a person.

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