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Mar 05, 2019 05:04:01

Brave New World

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The Pageman

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    I was reading Preston Byrne's blog about his issues on 2FA and just as he was about to finish, he casually mentions Dissenter.com as the place for anyone to continue the discussion. This would have been Disqus or even a blog platform's native commenting system a few year ago but times have really changed. 

    The technological upheaval from Internet personalities being kicked out of platforms like Patreon and Twitter created a parallel system that is from its birth uncensorable. Gab, a new "tweeting" platform is becoming more and more the sensible replacement if you don't like Damocles' sword sensibility to self-censor in Twitter. Gab has also integrated the Dissenter plug-in which works just like the hypothes.is annotation tool from MIT but on steroids. 

    Gab even has integrated BTCPayserver as a payment system. So what we now have is a technology stack that is censor-resistant from default. Once you integrate the Lightning Joule and the tippin.me extensions, you now have a very different beast to deal with. The only thing missing would be a way to automate transferring Bitcoin from the tippin.me account to your very own non-custodial Lightning Wallet where you now own your private keys. The motto "not your private keys, not your Bitcoin" can now be extended to "not your own tweeter platform, not your free speech". 

    Welcome to a brave new world. 

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    @thepageman Thanks for talking about hypothes.is on this post. I'd never heard of it and I'm so psyched to share articles with friends. Thanks!

    Jimmy Cerone avatar Jimmy Cerone | Mar 04, 2019 23:10:30
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