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Feb 02, 2019 22:10:55

Boring post about WordPress stuff

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... my life is pretty normal and boring right now ... so let's write something about the father of the free CMS Wordpress itself haha... 

.. I wanna talk about WordPress cuz today I made small accomplishments I am very happy about. 

For my projects, I have never cared much about security, backupin my files and so. I just hoped that the dark forces of the internet will leave me alone. 

Anyway, as soon as I started to care about company websites I need to take it a little bit more seriously. Today I was digging deeper about backupin websites and also restoring sites from backups. Also, I needed to learn how to make a local copy of the sites to try some changes. Yeah, on my own project I have done everything on the live version so far.  I have never known much about databases as well. 

Today I found some backups (which were made by plugin not me haha) of my old websites which aren't live anymore, So I could try at least all the processes. It was challenging. Fortunately,  You can really find everything on the internet, because for sure it can never go smoothly. 

Importing the database (you must play with the PHP settings cuz for sure it's too big). Changing links settings, that are a few of the first steps. But the worst was probably handle the old version of WordPress to work. I mean to get to the admin area where you can upgrade everything. but in the end, I made it. It's not a giant leap for mankind but I was pretty happy about it haha... Small wins always count.

Happy Saturday to y'all :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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