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Jan 12, 2019 12:40:29

Blockchain and Money

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The emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum changes the game of the financial system completely. Things that was not possible before for the common people is now possible because of the blockchain technology. The fee for moving money around is the same for everyone and does not matter how much money it is you want to move. It has its advantages and disadvantages but I like that we are trying to develop the financial system. I think development in every sector is important.

A lot of people came into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world because of money. Although you will find out that it's not about the money. Blockchain and its community has from the beginning been about change or development of the current system. Those ideals has become more vague as prices have skyrocketed but can now be clearly seen in this current bear market. People that are still holding on to their cryptocurrencies are not holding on to "money" they are holding on to their beliefs in change and development of the current system.

The state of the American system and its inability to govern when the president does not want to cooperate is a clear flaw/bug in the system. It's not only the American system but a lot of systems around the world has to change and develop a new governance system. A noteworthy project that are trying to fix this problem is Aragon. Aragon is based on Ethereum and is trying to develop new governance systems. The thing with Aragon is that you can make your own organization and choose or make your own governance system. It's flexible and it allows you to experiment with different systems.

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