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Jan 25, 2019 07:08:32

Bill Murray Stories

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Brian Ball

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I drove North yesterday. I have a process for getting out of the house and working in various and sundry locations that are not my home. It's nice to mix it up. Yesterday took me across the Golden Gate bridge to start my day at a coffee shop in Mill Valley. I was able to get a couple of hours of solid effort in before I was ready for a shift. I continued North to Criminal Baking Co. ( delicious GF brown-butter brownies ) On my way in, I stopped and talked to a guy rinsing some floor cleaning equipment. We ended up chatting and almost co-creating some business opportunities after only twenty minutes of conversation. To say there was good energy would be understating it.

I broke off and entered Criminal Baking Co.'s new location and ordered a Baked Oatmeal and started to think. I saw Dawn, the owner, and we discussed business and growth and following "the energy" even if you don't know if something will work — especially when you don't know something will work. She recommended the new Bill Murray stories on Netflix as an inspirational watch. When I got home in the middle of the afternoon I watched it with the boys. Here's why you'll get something out of it if you watch: Bill Murray doesn't isolate himself. He seeks connection like we call can by being a normal person and showing up and contributing where he can. He's not trying to put on a show or impress anybody. And yet, he does so more than ever. 

If you're in Santa Rosa, stop in at Criminal Baking Co. and tell Dawn you learned about Bill Murray stories ( while you eat your brownie ) - and also stop in next door at Ringtime Fitness and check out Israel's awesome boxing set up. ( he saved many kids lives by starting his training more than fifteen years ago )

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    @brianball oh woow... I spent a year near Santa Rosa! In the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center :-)
    and what you write about Bill Murray seems like he too =k the lesson from The Groundhog Day. Isn't that exactly what he was doing there...

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 01, 2019 13:19:35
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