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Jan 16, 2019 21:30:21

Bigger isn't always better

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Janne Koponen

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I had an opportunity to see the new Iron sky: coming race movie tonight. As a fan of the previous films, I was really looking forward to seeing this one as well. And after years of delays, I can say it was still worth the wait.

It was a great looking film with good acting and a nice story. However, it wasn't that much better technically than its much cheaper predecessor. And that, I think might be the biggest problem of the film. Big budget automatically puts it into the league of other big films. And naturally, the comparison to those movies becomes more even whereas the cheaper films can be forgiven a lot in that regard.

In this regard I think overall the first Iron Sky movie is still the best. It hit the sweet spot between a big budget film and a hobby project, good enough quality with the hobbyist spirit.

Never the less, I could have watched another hour of this movie, both in good and bad. It had nice action and adventure going on that I would have enjoyed a while longer. But it also moved a bit too gast. I would also have wanted to see the story develop a bit more along the way. there was a lot of potential.

This is also a movie that needs to be watched multiple times. Just for all the subtle (and also some not so subtle) references and puns. There were some really nice scenes paying homage to some iconic movie moments.

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