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Jan 25, 2019 23:06:34

Big Kid Actual Birthday

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I talk about the big kid pre-birthday party before and today is the actual day. My wife and I have to wake up and prepare early in the morning to follow the big kid to his pre-school.

We have been prepare presents for his whole school, 30+ students and 5 teachers. Since he celebrates with another school mate, we just need to prepare 1kg birthday cake, he has chosen his favorite dinosaur as the cake theme.

After the morning birthday celebration session, we fetch him in the evening and dinner with my parents at his favorite dinner place, a steamboat shop that we didn't visit for a year.

I was telling the kid, you are really lucky to have all these celebrations for your birthday. During my younger day, I don't recall I got celebrations like this and I do feel a little bit jealous and blame my parent for it.

But If you think properly, it's because of my parent sacrifice their spending with kids time in order to feed us and it allows us can focus on study rather then need to worry for living every day.

This allows us to gain knowledge and have the ability to work remotely now and earning a proper income. That's really the main reason, my kids can enjoy all these celebrations.

Thanks, dad and mum, the big kid can enjoy all these are because of you two. Love you two.

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