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Jun 05, 2019 14:22:27

Big Evilcorps

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There was a time where I wanted to work at a big tech megacorp. 6 digits paychecks, a good employee package, respect, a good line on the resume, and important challenges to solve. A "Dream Job".

Then I read about what's a typical day at Google/Facebook/Apple/[insert relevant company] and I wasn't so excited anymore.

Then I watched Mr. Robot and the question of ethics came out.

I wanted to rebel, I wanted to become a counter-power with a strong moral compass.

Startups appeared as the antithesis of the typical evilcorp. At first.

After co-founding one and going through an incubator, I understood 99% of the 10% surviving startups are fated to become evil: to grow too big for the sake of their users, or to be acquired by a megacorp.

Startup founders are no rebels, they are destined to feed the vicious circle of venture capitalism.

We live in a tightly-coupled system where everything is linked: there is no living independently from big corporations.

I am tempted to say "only the strong survive", from a purely Darwinian perspective, but it's incorrect: only the really big or the really small strive. Humans cohabiting with bacterias.

One might argue indie businesses are different from VC-backed startups in this regard. Not true. Any service you use is somehow linked to a global country-sized company: you depend on Google for SEO, or Amazon for infrastructure, or Apple for the iOS app market, etc.

When you buy from a business you participate in the growth of its partners. It's especially true for B2B and B2B2C businesses.

How to break free from big corporations to become truly independent then? That's a question worth asking. Answer in my next post.

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