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Mar 11, 2019 23:54:27


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I recently had a conversation about how many people feel betrayed when the rules they knew change. Every generation is raised within a society that functions by certain rules. You're given a guideline for how the world works and how to succeed within it.

Inevitably, things change. The rules some succeeded with begin to fail. Then those who have followed those rules and weren't able to succeed feel betrayed.

In my generation, the biggest change has been the decline of the typical path through young adulthood. Before you'd get a degree, get a job, get a house, get married, then have kids. Now that path has broken. Getting a degree doesn't guarantee a job and if it does many are loaded with so much debt they can't afford much.

This has lead to a feeling of betrayal amongst many. They did everything they were supposed to, they followed the rules, yet it didn't work out. It's a natural feeling, change is hard to predict, and even when you play it safe it can leave you lost.

It's always happened but it's gotten faster as technology advances. It's impossible to accurately predict change. You just have to be prepared for anything and not put too much trust in the accepted rules.

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