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Apr 29, 2019 07:29:25

Being an adult

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Janne Koponen

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As you might know, my son just turned 18. Its an age when you get a lot of privileges: you are able to buy alcoholic beverages, you can vote and you can be admitted a driving license among other things. It's a big change in life. You are no longer considered as a child in the eyes of society. 

But it's not just all those privileges. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You are responsible of yourself and your actions. We are no longer the legal guardians for you. It's your duty to take care of yourself.

However it doesn't mean we are no longer there for you. We won't deny any help you might need along your way. We will still do anything we can to help you in your life.

It also doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. As long as you are living under our roof the same responsibilities remain taking care of our household. You still need to consider others living in there as well.

You have a long journey ahead of you. Eighteen might feel like a lot, but you are just getting started. Its just a new phase in your life. And it won't be the last big change there will be.

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    @Arcticloon I have two 20 somethings, one of which has left home and the other comes back between school years. The latter is 21 and we are all struggling a little with her most recent return. I remember when I was this young and going back home was tough because I'd been living by myself for a couple of years. Having to adopt new rules after you've been living relatively rule free for a while is a challenge. Good luck with 18.

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Apr 29, 2019 10:07:36
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