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Mar 26, 2019 21:21:39

Beginners expertise

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Janne Koponen

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Quite often I encounter tutorials or other posts about various matters that I consider myself being an expert in. Sometimes those texts might be spot on, but way too often I find them being just somebody getting started and sharing their experience.

While this is great knowledge sharing and I fully support such things, unfortunately, that beginner advice might sometimes be counterproductive, wrong or even dangerous. It's so easy to think you are right once you have figured out something and got it working. It's great to share such wins.

But "just getting it working" isn't enough. There might be aspects you don't understand, or worse, have misunderstood. Assumptions are dangerous and you might unknowingly be sharing bad advice. And too often any advice written on the internet is taken as the truth.

Of course, this fallacy isn't limited to the beginners. Even those who actually have a deep knowledge of the subject might think they know better. Writing such text imposes a certain responsibility. Facts should be checked instead of relying on your own opinion.

I'm sure I have done this mistake more than once. Both as a beginner as well as an expert. By acknowledging the possibility I hope I can better avoid repeating it in the future.

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