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Apr 02, 2019 07:50:35

Before you Start.

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Brian Ball

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A painter might leave a line trailing off into a part of the yet untouched canvas. A writer might leave an unfinished sentence as a way to stimulate tomorrow's thinking and creativity. Working and finishing and staring again is a looping process. It's interrupted by sleep and other life activities so it's helpful to identify where we'll begin again.

Coffee as a Ritual

In the morning, I wake up without an alarm. I might have ideas about what I want to accomplish and even possibly a list of items in my Trello board. But one of the first things I do in the morning is grind some coffee and make sure the sink is clear of dishes while the coffee is brewing. This five-minute cycle gives me a chance to start thinking about what I want to accomplish.

Writing as a Starter

It's easy to open email first thing. Don't do it.

Get your mind going at a pace and rhythm driven by your own thinking rather than as a response to somebody else's thinking. For this, I like writing.

Open your favorite writing app and type. You might quickly reach 200 or 750 words. There are sites specifically for giving you checkmarks at these milestones. The checkmark hardly matters. What matters is the routine. You get up and set the pace of your day with a routine that requires your thinking.

Exercise as a Starter

Putting your body in motion and getting your heart rate up before you start the day can be fantastic. If you're not used to it, start slow and build up. Walk-jog first if you're new to running. Google Couch to 5K podcast and you'll find that others have recorded a soundtrack and guided process for you to get off your butt. It's excellent.


Yes, even in the morning before work. Watching your thoughts and letting them go for a few minutes is a great way to remember that you're hardly the controller in all this living. You are but an observer. It will feel like the thoughts stem from you, but you're just sitting there. It's more like a radio station scanning different channels. Your brain is a radio. Meditation is how you see what's playing. Watch it for a few minutes but don't tune in and listen. Just notice it and let it go. Back to breathing.

Every morning or after an afternoon nap is a fresh start. Take advantage by knowing how to start on your terms. 

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