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Dec 08, 2018 04:00:55

Be Yourself and Follow Your Heart

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Gene Lim

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Many people have hard time trying to be themselves when they are out in the public. As humans, we always tend to do what is right before the people's eye. They will always want others people to only see the part of them that makes the people interested and happy.

Continuing to do this has its bad side effect where it is also possible for them to get hurt just for others to be happy. I have to admit that I am one of them.

There are ways to change this type of thoughts. One of it is to get to your inner child. If ever you see children around you, you will notice that they are all very happy and free, that they do not care about what other thinks of them. This is because it is the nature of being a child, with full of pure love.

We should follow what our heart needs instead of what our mind wants. Our mind will always calculate the pros and cons in a logical way. This will make you decide the better solution. But whatever you heart is asking for, you should just trust it. It may seem wrong at first but it is usually right and will lead you to a happier ending.

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