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Jan 10, 2019 06:18:11

Basic Structure of Effective Communication

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In the business book "Business Express: Effective Commnunication Skills", it starts with introducing one of the classic strucuture of any statement is divided into the following 5 part:

  1. Introduction
    In a speech, this is also typically important to introduce some background and overview what the speaker is going to talk to align the authors mind with the audience's view.  
  2. Facts and context
    Facts is your foundation your statement will exist upon. In writing, we can refer some remarks or cite articles.  
  3. The proposal
    This will be your core of your statement. When you make a speech or write a posts, you would probably have some messages to share with a certain people.  
  4. Consequences
    You will need to think of two parts agains your proposal. First you woudl like to state your reasoning for your proposal. Second, taking hypothetical opponent's perspective, you would come up with counterarguement to your proposal. 
  5. Summary
    Similar to the introduction, you would hightlight what your message is. 

I found it a bit boring but literally right after these points, 

"Don’t be trapped into following a format that you find boring, but the framework here is proven to work and covers the basic thrust of any decent argument."

Keeping these points in mind, let's see others' speech or writing whether effective communication will follow them or not. 

- Hiro

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