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May 11, 2019 21:25:05

Bad mood

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I have no power to write todaayyy ... Yes, this kind of post again ... hehehe

I really looked forward to the weekend. Refresh myself and get some strength, work a little or simply just chill. but then came Saturday like this you just wake up with a wrong foot. I couldn't sleep well, I was fighting with my mother and so. It so hard to get out of the bad mood if I could just press the button and be all right again, unfortunately, it's not that easy. So all day I was just hanging around. Productivity hasn't visited me today. I really hoped today is the day. 

And what is the worst I must write my 200 words hehe? Keep postponing the time of writing that my the biggest strength:) 

Still thinking about my habits. For example, with my guitar playing, I always struggle to practice. I realized it's not about the hard practice but more about I don't know what to practice. So it should help me if I prepare in advance songs to play with all the tabs and chords. Its gonna be easier to start every playing session. I must try it :)

Anyway all good already. Sunday is a day too. 

Enjoy your night.


Stay with me. Efran.

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