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Jan 20, 2019 18:33:50

Backup strategy for your 200WaD streaks

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To keep your streaks longer, what is your strategy? I am wondering how those who have streaks more than 40 or 50. I am trying to make "backup strategy" for 200wordaday, which I got the idea from one of the Improve games.

The game rule is as follows: 

Given one theme or category, we need to come up with a certain word in the category in turn in a group within 2 claps. If one cannot come up with an appropriate word, the word was already said by others or it is too slow to ride on the rhythm, the one loss. The loser will start the next round by giving a new category and so on.

For example, let's say we have 6 people and the first person gives the theme "animal." Then the following person says 'elephant', the next will do with 'monkey', and so on over rhythmical claps. 

The tip for this game is very simple. Before your turn comes, you need to come up with at least TWO words in your mind. Even if your previous person takes one of your words right before your turn, you can choose the other one. 

For 200wordaday, if we can have at least two posts as a draft, you can keep your streaks. I still did not make it yet but whenever I come up with additional topics, I would like to make more stocks so that I will not miss it. Before it is too late, I need to do that. Otherwise, I will regret when I break the far bigger streaks.

- Hiro


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