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Jan 27, 2019 20:36:15

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Janne Koponen

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After yesterday super productive day I was determined to have another one today. Even beating the excellent score of 17/18 daily goals. I was sure I could pull off the perfect day today.

But maybe it was the push after yesterday, or maybe it was the drinking, but I already knew when I woke up it won't happen. After a moment I decided it's not even worth trying. It's better to have the day off now rather than during the week. When I could actually have the full day of doing nothing instead of just enjoying a lazy even g during a working day.

I'm still happy about this streak. 26 days steadily going up almost to the max. It's a nice accomplishment already and I think it's good to leave a bit of room to improve for the coming streaks. If I managed to get this far on my first try I'm sure I can reach the perfect score on any of the coming streaks. 

I think this system works. I found myself pushing just a bit further every day, especially towards the end, to reach the goal for the day. I just couldn't give up until I was there. Sure, it isn't that effective at the start as the bar is so low. But it'll get high enough fast. And at first you feel like you want to do more, but you can't so that the curve isn't too steep and you don't end up hitting the max too soon breaking the streak short.

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