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May 13, 2019 23:30:21

Back to Blogging - Thank You!

by @soulinantarctica | 320 words | 4šŸ”„ | 53šŸ’Œ

Anna Kaczynski

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Some time ago I joined the blogging platform Medium and began to write and publish short articles about various elements of Investigative and Forensic Psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of researching and writing each article and ultimately decided to expand by creating a Wordpress blog expanding on the same theme.

I working diligently on this project for some time before I found myself sidetracked by life with all its demands and distractions. Both my Medium and Wordpress blogs were abandoned and largely forgotten about. I imagine this is a common fate of many blogs which get started with good intentions and lots of enthusiasm only for this to eventually wane and life to get in the way.

Having recently joined 200WaD and being quite instantly a huge fan I began to see this as a great opportunity to try and get myself back into writing more regularly and more expansively.

I remembered my poor neglected blogs and decided to look them up. I was surprised by how much effort I had put into them and how interested I still was in the subject matter. I was more surprised to note that a couple of my posts had received a considerable amount of interest. This gave me some courage to consider reprising them and getting back to writing.

The process of writing 200wad has encouraged me to consider writing other things, in other formats, at different lengths etc. It has opened up the world of writing to me once again and given me the motivation and courage to write further.

I have therefore spent a portion of this evening researching something for a new post on my blog, the first in a long time! Iā€™m exciting to get started on the writing tomorrow and I may use this space to think through ideas or share some parts of the story.

Thanks once again for giving me this platform to grow.

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    @soulinantarctica I am thrilled to read that after only a week of writing on 200WAD, you have rekindled your interest in your blog and Medium posts. I, too, published articles on Medium but lacked consistency. Writing every day here has helped me as well. Thanks for sharing your win!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 14, 2019 08:05:25
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    True this! 200wad is very helpful indeed! @soulinantarctica, you're in WordPress too?! May I visit your site there if you don't mind? :)

    flowerful avatar flowerful | May 14, 2019 09:02:07
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