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Feb 15, 2019 21:12:40

Back Talk

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Your customers are talking behind your back.
...are they saying Good things or Bad things?

Hear that?
Your customers are talking about you.

They are talking about you to their co-workers and to their friends.
They are talking about you at business networking events and at personal social events.

It's no use stressing out about it (you can't control the fact they are talking about you), BUT you do have a measurable amount of control over the stories they tell about you.

If you deliver an incredibly good experience every time you interact with your customers they will say incredibly good things about you. 

If you deliver a miserably bad experience every time you interact with them, well....

What are some ways to deliver a memorably Good experience?
I'm glad you asked!

1. Smile when you speak to them.
Face to face is the best way to work with clients and having a smile on your face will almost guarantee they will smile back at you. If you're working with them over the phone, make it a point to smile throughout your conversation. Your voice takes on different auditory characteristics and people can actually hear your smile in your voice. The next time you're on the phone with a customer service person or a salesperson, see if you can tell if they're smiling or not. My guess is that it will be obvious to you.

2. Don't just answer questions -- give them the information they need.
When a customers asks you if you sell a certain item, don't just answer yes or no -- let them know how many you have in stock, how quickly it can ship, and what colors are available. Ask them if they'd like help placing an order now or if they'd like you to send them a link to the ordering page on your website. Customers absolutely need their questions answered, but they also want to know what the typical next steps are in a process (especially if it's unfamiliar to them).

3. Follow-up
When is the best time to follow up? 
Reach out to customers to whom you sent quotes, check customer satisfaction with people who've received their orders, and stay in touch with past customer's you haven't heard from in a while. 

And don't just call and say "Hi, I'm checking on the quote..." call with some additional information of value, special new details about the product or service they were evaluating, to offer training on a new product they purchased, or to invite to a customer appreciation celebration.

These are just three ways to create good stories for your customers to tell about you behind your back. Most importantly, in each and every interaction let your genuine desire to help shine through.

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