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Apr 06, 2019 19:58:49

back online

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Sometimes I give up. This time it's about my wifi connection. I just gave up to fixing it. I tried all the possible and impossible solutions but without any success. So instead of crying in the corner I decided just overpass this problem and I bought USB/Ethernet connector for my laptop so I am able to connect it directly through the ethernet cable. Yeah, probably not the smoothest thing to do, but whatever I am back online and I can start working a little bit :).

My health condition didn't improve much. During the day I am quite okay but through the night I have a big sore throat. Hopefully, the pills will kick off soon. I think it is already working but yet not enough. 

Anyway as I mentioned yesterday I am playing around Coda app now and try to do a little summarizing info about my mom's health condition.

As I was thinking about it I would like to have there. 

  • The list with the pills she is taking and why + pills stock 
  • Calendar of following doctors appointments (maybe with some email alert before the time is close)
  • The list of past psychical examinations with the scanned medical report
  • Social department documents 
  • Everything should be shareable across the close family

Yeah, that's it. Nothing big but for our family definitely useful.


Stay with me. Efran.

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