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Jan 15, 2019 07:10:23

Back in the Saddle

by @brianball PATRON | 231 words | 389💌

Brian Ball

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It'll happen. You'll think a streak of writing is important. It will be. You'll get into a routine. You'll be writing. The topics will even be thoughtful while you're tapping out words from your blissful state of flow.

Then you'll travel.

An opportunity will present itself to visit with somebody you haven't seen in a while. Your values ensure you do the right thing and go visit. Even if it means eight or ten hours of driving over the weekend to fit it in.

You'll lose your streak. It doesn't matter. You have new stories to tell.

You'll get back in the saddle as soon as you can. The world hasn't shifted. No angels have fallen from the sky. Millions of cute puppy pictures have still made their way around Facebook. Life goes on.

Don't worry about a streak. Use them to learn about yourself. An infinite streak would only teach you that it's easy to do. Long streaks of the two and three-week varieties show you're not afraid to be consistent.

Write. Enjoy. Do the work. Then, miss a day or two or ten. Then, get back in the saddle a more mature, wiser person. Share the newfound wisdom and encourage others to continue gracefully. I lost my streak, not because I had to, but because it's not the highest value I have in my life. 

How about you?

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    "You'll lose your streak. It doesn't matter. You have new stories to tell."

    Golden line right here!

    A great new story to tell is worth infinitely more than a streak. But one must not use this as an excuse to become lazy. For writing consistently will also give rise to that new great story. But if you are compelled to drive 8 hours just to meet someone, then it's most likely worth sacrificing a # value in some HTML on some website. haha.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jan 15, 2019 23:48:31
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    @brianball Haha, you suck!
    Just kidding :D It's really no big deal, it's the mindset that matters. You know you want to write and that you have to, and that you will again. It's not the streak that makes that happen, it's you.
    Also, 200 words is pretty quick, and nobody says you have to write them on platform. Jot em down on paper, use your phone to tap our a text in your notepad, write an email to yourself. If you want to write, there is always time and a place to do it.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 15, 2019 11:43:40
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      @brianball @gabrielgreco

      "Haha, you suck!"

      What is this? High school??

      You suck! Haha!

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 15, 2019 23:48:51
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      @abrahamKim Coincidentally I just wrote about how 200wad is kind of like high school. Anyway, the good part is you picked up on what was important in my reply .

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 16, 2019 06:45:55
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      lol I know. I had posted on there saying I was a cheerleader! That's why I was intertextually citing your post!

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 17, 2019 04:07:26
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      @abrahamKim this is like 200wordsadayception :S lol

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 17, 2019 15:15:41
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