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Feb 11, 2019 06:31:30

Baby mode or improve yourself mode

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Martin tissier

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We have plenty of reasons to complain. We have also plenty of reason to realize how lucky we are. 

Human being tend to focus on bad things.. Sometime we have thoughts that surround ourselves. Usually it's thoughts about things you could have done better, regrets, bad situations... 

How to cage the monkey? 

Well you can't just think it's the way of being human, having the ability to think a lot. But step back and don't forget it's just thoughts and thoughts are always subjective... 

With meditation, and exercices, some persons tend to really be detached from their thoughts. 

One thing that impact me when I have bad thoughts is baby mode or improve yourself mode. 

We like to complain, and we have reason for. When we do that we are more babies, waiting for people to help us... 

It s never a good attitude. 

You always have to thank the situation because it will help you being better, and to fight to find the best way to become a better yourself in that situation... 

Struggle and fight... Always. 

Today I will use some reflections from a colleague as a way to build a better myself because he is right. 

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