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Aug 01, 2019 23:06:24

Awesome August: Brian Ball

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Craig Petterson

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Parent post: Re: Awesome August

Hey Brian, thanks for your response!

Your whole response is extremely valuable to me. Thanks for taking the time.

How will you transform?
What's in it for you if you have an Awesome August?

I'm not sure I will fully transform. Maybe this is a bad plan. Currently, I'm thinking of this more as a catch up. My transformation has been year-long, it's more than just August. As I've mentioned, I need a change and a bit of a shake up.

1. Who else knows about the spreadsheet?
2. What incentive do they have to support you? (i.e. What's in it for them? )

My spreadsheet is available publicly on my personal site. I plan to update it weekly, but I'm a bit behind - I update the actual sheet daily (multiple times even), but I don't update the website as often.

I'm not sure on other people's incentives, I'm struggling to incentivise myself. Maybe it will inspire people. I don't know.

I'm actually struggling with the format of the spreadsheet, but I do love tracking things. I think a boolean system (I did X: Yes/No) would be much better, rather than the scale. For example, syns: 0-20 green, 21-25 yellow, 25+ red. This should have been "Stayed under 25: Yes/No", but we plod on.

Reading Daily:
1. Why daily?
2. When will you read?
3. What's a minimum amount you can stick to, knowing you have other things you want to do? [...]
4. Since we're talking about habits -- what's the Trigger that will tell you it's time to read?

Reading Daily was a habit I used to have. I used to read every day on the bus to and from work. I don't do that much now. I'm too busy browsing Twitter or chatting to my friends.

I've had the same book in my bag for months now.

My trigger is using the bus and my minimum amount is whatever I can read on that journey, which is usually a chapter. Maybe I won't read at all on the weekends.

Exercise 4x Week:
1. Why 4x? Why not 3x with more intensity or 7x with lower? What's the outcome you want?

A good question. I think the outcome is just switching my routine. I wanted to look into another program to do 3x per week, but continue my runs - maybe a Park Run on the weekend. My goal is to boost my weight loss, but improve my fitness levels.

Eat healthier:
1. What's one thing you know works for you? [...]

My eating habits have improved drastically over the last few years. The main reason it's been so bad lately is due to the new house. We'd pop there straight after work, stay late and grab something quick on the way back.

I already love eating healthily, I just want to dedicate more time to continue that practice. We've noticed we already make healthily choices, generally. My big crux though; Nay is a baker. There is lots of off cuts. I'm literally a big kid in a cake shop.

Lose Weight:
1. Why? How much? What combination of events will effect this?

This time last year, I set a goal to lose 3 stone (18kg). I lost 2 stone, stagnated and started to go back up this month. This is the main reason for this challenge. Perhaps this month, this is my biggest focus. I'm hoping I'll see some great results getting back on track with the food - compounded with the additional exercise.

a) eating the same meals over and over

I don't eat the same meals all the time, although I do make extra portions and use them for lunch the next day.

b) not eating for entertainment

This has been a big problem for me in the past. It's crept back in the last few weeks.

c) loading in the veggies

We always try to do 1/3 veggies! We're on Slimming World (I joined because of Nay) and this is promoted to death.

d) eliminating cream in coffee and muffins

I'll definitely have a think what my big pain points are. It's probably milkshakes. It always was in the past, but I'm still partial to a good burger and shake.

Let's hear about this solo project. Maybe it's not a single-month project and getting started, doing a little daily, and updating a document will have you feeling confident about taking on projects that take more than a single rocket month.

I planned to do a solo project, but I never got round to thinking about a solo project. My group project is with a team of 4 (myself included), we're going to a recycle-recognition app. I definitely agree with doing a little each day, but with the rest of the plans this month, I think that time might be best spent on my group project and The Cake Pays.

Cake Pays:
The same as Fixathon - sounds like you need a little structure and support around longer projects.

This is my 2019 baby. That project that starts with high hopes, a twinkle in your eye, a small, gentle smile on your lips. Before spending months pointless tweaking designs and copies without releasing anything. Nothing at all. I have many goals for this project, which I think is the issue. I need to focus on one problem and solve that.


I'll be sure to check out your recommended entries and thanks for your 3 closing pointers.

Reiterated from the beginning: Your whole response is extremely valuable to me. Thanks for taking the time.

Ultimately, all of these are going to be achieved by planning. Last night, when I sat down at my computer to write Awesome August, I didn't plan much. I listed issues I've had, problems I want to solve, things I want to rectify with myself. Not much of a plan was involved and I certainly don't know how I'm going to squeeze it all in.

Maybe that is step one: plan my month, plan my week, plan my day.

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    @craigpetterson awesome Craig! complete plan :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 02, 2019 03:52:06
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