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May 05, 2019 15:52:42

Audio + reading is a good combination for reading

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Recently, I got to know about one interesting way to read books in foreign language from one Russian blogger who takes video about learning English. In one video, he told how he reads the Harry Potter series in English listening audiobook voiced by Stephen Fry. He said that it's good way to read books because sometimes you meet not familiar words that you don't know how to read, so this problem is solved when you listen to right pronounce by a native speaker. Ans he decided to combine reading and listening.

I am familiar with the world of Harry Potter since my childhood and decided to start reading Harry Potter listening audiobook by Stephen Fry too. 

Today I started to read the first book. I loved this experience, I got to know new words and their pronounce. Also, I want to say that I love the speaker's voice, his intonation is brilliant. But, to be honest, he reads fast for me, sometimes I get lost in text because I read not fast in English. I finished the first chapter! 

I love the beginning, the story about Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four. It wasn't in the movie. The movie starts at the end of the first chapter. Excited to read the next chapters.


Also, I have a question. Are grandma or grandpa of Harry alive? Hmm. No, they are not alive because he doesn't have relatives besides Dursley family. Okay. 

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