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Mar 10, 2019 22:04:05

Assertive behavior

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Did you have any stressful situation you need to apologize or manage your non-bathetic client, boss, or subordinates recently? There are three different attitudes for a relationship in psychology:  

  • Non-assertive: not express opinions, and discard the right to freedom of speech
  • Aggressive: express opinions clearly and protect the right to freedom of speech. Neglect the opponents' opinions or disrespect theirs. 
  • Assertive: express opinions respectfully considering themselves and the opponents

In the situation when you need to apologize, it will be very important to be assertive.

In addition, "the one-minute apology: a powerful way to make things better" written by Blanchard, Kenneth has great advice and clarify important things around an apology. 

When you face the situation you need to apologize to someone, the following three stages might be mixed: 

  1. Express your opinion to the opponent
  2. Let the opponent understand your opinion
  3. Let the opponent agree with your opinion

First of all, you need to be capable to express your opinion freely to live your life. Second, you need to be capable to convey your opinion to the opponent in order to get a sort of corporation from the opponent. However, you cannot control the opponent whether they agree with you or not. It is up to them, not to us. We cannot control it.


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