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May 12, 2019 20:37:46

Artificial hammers and data nails

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Janne Koponen

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Machine learning appears to be today's Maslow's hammer. As I have been following closely this field I have noticed that there seem to be new areas where machine learning is suggested to be applied every day. 

Sure it has the potential to transform many industries or at least make them more efficient. But still, it's not the Deus ex machina that magically solves all the problems. Those nails are still needed. Without them, there is nothing to learn from.

Of course I would be happy to get more chances to apply it at my work. It's one of the most interesting technologies of recent years. But i acknowledge it's, and my own limitations. Neither of those are ready for most of the use cases that come up at my work. So I need to have patience. Start small and use it at the right places. I can't just cram it everywhere. Even if others seem to be doing just that.

Both me and those algorithms still need a lot of practice before its time to apply them even in the most suitable cases. Maybe someday, closer to the singularity in the age of AGI it's more applicable to the general cases.

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