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Dec 10, 2018 15:47:59

Are you using this to grow or are you beating yourself up?

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Brian Ball

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I sat poised; ready to take my turn. He jumped out in front of me and drew the chalk line on the side walk and said excitedly, "This is your goal."

My mind started to cycle through the requirements. I asked questions. What happened last time? How would I make this attempt different? What distinction or sensation can I adjust to get more of what I'm looking for?

Learning, is a process that requires time, effort and attention. 

Imagine a hand-weaving process where your fingers interact with the fibers to create pre-determined patterns. That's how I think about the process of learning. The fibers are our brains and neurons. The actions and feedback determine how the electrical signals in the brain fire. When they fire correctly together, we get a pattern. We call that learning.

So, if you're not performing where you want to be yet, the self-flagellation might be useful as feedback, but don't beat yourself up without focus on the ultimate goal. You want to succeed at something and the weaving is required to get you there. Allow it time, attention, and your best effort.

I leaned off the wall and started pedaling. One, two... sixteen.. I was losing count. I could feel myself controlling this unicycle. I was now almost to the street. I surpassed that goal only to reveal the next.

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