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Feb 23, 2019 11:53:34

Are you still reading magazines?

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Brandon Wilson

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I used to get suckered in to reading magazines. It is especially easy when you travel and see a great picture or teaser for an article on the cover of a magazine. A magazine is convenient to read on the plane. Sometimes I see people on a five-hour flight with nothing to keep them occupied, and so they start reading the airline magazine before we take off. That is going to be a long flight for that person.

I have two magazine subscriptions. Rolling Stone and Success magazine. I am hoping Rolling Stone runs out soon because I don't even bother reading it anymore.  I'm tired of flipping through all the political articles to get to what the magazine is supposed to be about--entertainment and specifically music. 

I purchased a copy of Success magazine in December because it had Tony Robbins on the cover, and I had seen him in person a month earlier. Success magazine has a lot of great content, which is why I wanted a subscription. The problem is that the magazine only publishes quarterly. What a shame.

Overall I am annoyed by magazines and wrote about them in this article.

6 Reasons Why Magazines are Going Out Like Powdered Wigs

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