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May 30, 2019 13:22:21

Applying a book: Unf*ck your finances

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Working through the current book. Documenting it here because I may as well.

How I've set up my accounts


The inbox and outbox.

Payments come in.

Direct debits and scheduled transfers go out.

I've scheduled transfers for anything less frequently than monthly to go to the Buffer account (eg. quarterly expense / 3 months = amount monthly to buffer)

I've scheduled a regular amount for discretionary spending to go to IRL spending.

Every now and then an online purchase will go through IO and I'll transfer the amount from IRL

IRL Spending

ApplePay and the card I carry is connected to this account.

Here's where any variable expenses should go through.

Buffer and future expenses

This account earns interest.

Any annual, quarterly, or bi-monthly bills savings hang out here.

Any funds that will be used in the next month also hang out here.

The aim is to have a month worth of buffer


This account earns interest.

I can access it via internet banking but there's no card access. It's with a separate bank so I can't see it or transfer from it easily.

This is for my savings goals.

Business savings

This account earns interest.

I'm in the process of opening this account.

Tax withholding and GST hang out here.

At a certain revenue threshold, I'll start holding funds here and only pay out to myself what I need.

Next actions

Set up weekly and monthly reviews.

Connect my goals to my daily activities.

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    @rosieodsey Sounds like a great plan. It makes things so much easier when you automate them.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 30, 2019 09:03:28
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