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Mar 27, 2019 06:34:05

Apple event 20190325

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I didn't have enough sleep last night because I trying hard to not break the chain. All because of an Appl event, there is An Apple fan's take of this event by @brandonwilson and I have some opinion on this as well.

First of all, there is some spec pump release before this event, which is really welcome, Apple seldom does smaller spec pump like this, they use to release like once a year, but what the user really wants is small spec pump like this to ensure they get the latest hardware.

Apple News+ - it sounds interesting enough but the distribute is pretty slow, so far only 2 countries allow to access it and by end of the year become 4. Understand some of the media will release some of the quality content on it, not their full version. I guess this might have a change of model within 2 years.

Apple Tv & Apple Tv+ - Great it becomes the centre of all the premium channel and going to build content. But without Netflix, this looks a bit plain. Like lots of people say Apple should really acquire Netflix. 

Apple Arcade - I guess one of the most promise new service is this one. But it seems like a rushing announcement to against Google Stadia. I miss the old day when Apple announces it means you can have a touch with it immediately.

Apple Card - so far I didn't use the Apple Pay yet, the cash back looks ok but it's didn't outperform of the standard credit card benefit. Lots of local e-wallets here also give like more than 5% credit rebate for their merchant's payment. I do feel like own one but I doubt I have much chances to use it.

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    @knight I agree with you. It's nice when the announcements are close to the actual launch. This is a good example of trying to build hype but failing due to lack of details.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 27, 2019 05:46:10
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