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Jan 21, 2019 22:03:36

Apache and emojis

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Today I learned that despite all the serverless advances in recent years, sometimes you still gotta get your hands dirty and edit that .htaccess file like it's 1999. #200wordsTIL

Then I discovered that Apache supports emoji URLs and my world changed.


For the new kids on our block 👇

Apache is a web server. It takes your request and returns files. HTML, JavaScript,you name it. It's the stuff that makes your cool JavaScript app work.

.htaccess files are per-directory config files. Think of it as package.json but for your server so you can have different webapps on the same machine.


But docker! Virtualization! Yes I know. 

We could host multiple apps on the same server before any of that. .htaccess was the easiest way to do it.


So I was setting up a rewrite from swizec.com/letters to swizec.com/letters.html. This RewriteRule tells Apache to treat /letters as if it was /letters.html.



Then I  had an idea.


And holy shit it worked! Apache supports emoji URLs!!!! :D

Which is more than you can say about Facebook.


Vim also does not support emojis. They show up like this 👇

(I use vim when editing files remotely)

Copy that into VSCode, save the file, and it corrupts your config. Everything dies.

That was fun to figure out.

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