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Jan 11, 2019 15:47:49

Another wrong estimation

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After busy for the project A launch and all the small patch of after launch, I thought that finally, I can take a short break after this. It's just nice that is end of a working week already, maybe I can really enjoy this weekend, spend some time with the family and doing something I like playing some game or watching some Netflix video to chill.

But the reality hit, one of the clients message me just now to find out the project B status. Argh, I almost forget there are one more project pending, I start working on both, then the getting too occupied with the project A and pause the project B. I thought I can start it again next week since the client been really quiet about it for the past 2 weeks.

I understand the client is unhappy, her first sentences is "I thought the project can live in 1 month, now is already 1 month plus but still not really?", When the time I taking this job I m still pretty free, so I estimate without other jobs, for sure I can complete within a month. I didn't know I will get so busy with Project A and use up more effort that I estimate and now this has caused me bigger issue.

Without any choices, I promise to get it done within another week, understand the client are really not happy with it, but I guess I can forget about taking a break, need to start working on it now.

p/s I think I have another one should be kickstart next week too, this is going to be a tough month until the Lunar New Year Holidays.

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