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Feb 03, 2019 12:27:22

Another Super Bowl

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Brandon Wilson

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My earliest Super Bowl memory was Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots in 1986. I lived in a suburb of Chicago at the time, and the city was in a frenzy for the hometown team. The Bears won, and yes I think my mom still has the vinyl record of the Super Bowl shuffle. 

In 2009, the Arizona Cardinals played in Super Bowl XLIII. I got caught up in another hometown frenzy living in Arizona this time. I was at a friend's house, and of course we were all rooting for the home team. The difference is that I became public enemy #1 on the last play before halftime. Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison had a Super Bowl record 100-yard interception return for a touchdown. No one could believe what was happening. Everyone was shouting for someone to tackle him. I was cheering him on. The reason is that if he scored the touchdown and they kicked the extra point, the half-time score would be 17-7. That was key to me because I would win $175 in the Super Bowl square. That's indeed what happened. The Cardinals lost that game but at least I came out ahead.

I'm not a big football fan, but I like to join as a spectator among the 100+ million viewers who watch the Super Bowl each year. I usually buy in to a Super Bowl square to make things more interesting. This year I have 1-1, which is not great. I am hoping for a good game, maybe one or two funny commercials, and spending time with friends. 

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