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Mar 23, 2019 20:19:38

Another day past

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Another day at the trade show .. so another story from the subway. Fortunately only one more left.

The worst thing about the trade show is that keeps going on the weekend I already mentioned that .. but what can make it even worse? The weather! The weather is so beautiful this weekend sunny and warm .. and I got stuck in a big hall. I hate my life hehe .., I am to saying I would hanging outside all the weekend if I wouldn't work but having the opportunity it still counts hehe .. a lot of people coming today but the sales were slow .. just visitors, not buyers.

I'm not a really big fan, really the people here just collecting information. And there is no attention to buy something.

It's not the biggest event but still, I would say the targeted audience by the organizers are not matched quite well and they focus more on quantity than quality of the visitors.

Anyway, it's still part of the marketing I can give out vouchers for our e-commerce site so maybe in the future, it will help.

See you tomorrow. Last day of the trade show with a sweet ending of packing everything I am so looking forward. hehe.


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