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Jan 09, 2019 03:30:09

An app I'm considering

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David nge

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I'm a fan of basketball, and I play on a weekly basis. One thing that ticks me off is whenever I tried to make a booking it's just cumbersome to find the available spots.

I'd have to contact the person in charge, and there's a number of back and forth before I find out the spots and timing available before I make the booking.

I don't have a grand idea, but I want to see what'll be a solution to this be like. 

So I fired up my code editor and just create a simple node.js/express app. Which I then realize I really need to brush up my backend skill, it took me some time to get just the database set up correctly.

My goal with this is to simply create a CRUD app where 

- an admin can register themselves and create a page for their basketball venue

- an admin can update the status of their courts and its available timing.

- an admin can share this page to the public

- an end user (basketball player like me) can see at a glance the court available for this establishment

- the end user will be able to contact the court owner for booking

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