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Mar 17, 2019 06:55:08

After 100 days, what's next?

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Yesterday I m celebrate the 100 days achievements and decided to join 200wordsaday as a paid member to show my support. I only managed to subscribe today, because I miss the not so crowded posting timing in the morning and trying to fight with the server to post in the evening. After an hour of trying and finally successful publish the post, I m not going to try another hour make it subscribe button popup work.

I have just "Kaching" and become MMR of 200wordsaday and start to think what's next after this 100days?

I m adjusting what I am going to post here, there are days I choose the tech topic that I m familiar with, but I don't feel it fit in here. I feel like what I can post here should be more personal ( lol I do have some personal post here), my opinion or exciting things of my daily life. It should feel like the more personal blog here rather than some tech focus work blog. I am going to start another more personal brand site and throw the tech things over there.

I plan to build something with the API, I been saying this a lot but catch up with lots of things. The first idea is maybe how to back up my posts, and cross-posting to my  Dayone diary most likely will be a local command line app that pulls the data and send over to IFTTT.

So these are the two things on my plate now and hopefully my first 200wordsaday API side project getting build before the next 100 posts.

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