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Jun 02, 2019 23:00:24

Accessibility vs Control

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Keenen Charles

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Today Google's Cloud service went down for several hours and took a big chunk of the internet. It's becoming increasingly visible how much of the internet major cloud service providers like Google and Amazon control. When either platform has an issue it leads to a domino effect with apps that you had no idea relied on their services. Even my own projects were affected since I use Google for image hosting.

These services have made the ability to run massive web apps accessible to anyone. In the past, you had to have your own servers and manage complex infrastructure. But with this accessibility has come the risk of outages like today.

This is typically the trade-off when it comes to choosing between your own services and those of large companies. Accessibility vs control. These companies can provide services that you can struggle to replicate on your own without significant investment. Yet you render yourself vulnerable to their own issues.

The same can be seen in consumer services they provide as well. Services like Google Photos are significantly easier to use than anything you can set up yourself. Their accessible, free, and require no maintenance. But in exchange for this you give up control of your photos and if Google has any issues you can suffer as a result.

So how do you decide?

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