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Feb 14, 2019 06:21:06

About weather

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My 30-days challenge is coming to the end. I write here every day for 25 days yet. It's a great result! 

I feel that my writing skills in English become better. Now I write faster and create sentences easier than 25 days ago.

Writing becomes for me a habit. I'll definitely continue to follow this habit.


I'm sitting on my orange kitchen, writing the 200 words and I'm looking the blue sky. The wind sway washed clothes on my balcony. I'm looking on birds that fly near my window. The birds wheeling in the air... I feel serenity.

Today is good sunny weather. There is just -7Β°C! I waited for this weather for all long winter. 

The weather forecast promises -2Β°C on the weekend. 

For a long time, I dreamed to go for a walk in the morning. But the weather was too cold and I did not do it. I guess I will walk in the morning on Sunday. I'll buy a cake and milkshake that I love, and I will eat it in the park. 

I love to eat on the street in the open air. The food is felt more tasty, especially drinks. And I don't love to eat alone, sometimes it's boring for me. 

These 200 words triggered flashback... Sometimes, when I truanted school in a high school with a friend, we bought food and had breakfast on the street.


I wrote these words for 20-30 minutes.

The first articles I wrote for 1 hour.

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