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Feb 27, 2019 08:09:51

About my favorite music

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Today I will talk to you about music. I started to write about it one month ago and did not finish, because I had other topics. 

Music... Music affects our feelings, mood. It can make us happy, cheerful, sad, thoughtful. It helps to survive the grief. In the old ages, we remember how we dance with our lovers when we listen to exactly this song.

That's strange that we worried when a musician whose songs we listened to died. Death is a sad thing, we almost always worried when somebody dies. But the death of your lovely musician sometimes affects us in a negative way. Musicians become native to us because we feel emotions with them.

I got the idea of this topic when I listened to Linkin Park a month ago. Their songs make me remind about my childhood.

When I was 11-13 I loved listening to music on the radio before bedtime on the bed, when my parents thought that I already slept. I dreamed and searched good compositions that I could to download.

Once, I heard Linkin Park "Burn it down", I liked this song so much and I was happy when I found it on the Internet after a long search. This song makes me love rock.

I kept my new passion in secret because no one of my friends loved rock music and they always condemned this genre. But time was passed and my friends become listened to rock too.

(Now I can say that I was dependent on someone's mind. I was afraid of my originality and conviction. Humans need to appreciate their originality. We are all different.)

Also, I remembered my first evening walk. I was young and my parents didn't allow me to walk in the dark evening. But once my friend and I walked until dark evening. At home, I listened to the song "In the end" by Linkin Park (yeah, I still remember it). It was a small protest in my head β€” I did something forbidden. I was satisfied with that.

Thanks for reading. Feel fancy and free to write your "music" stories.

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