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Apr 13, 2019 16:24:40

about cooking

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To be honest I am not a really good cook. A few years back I couldn't cook for myself at all. Of course, I did but just the simplest and easiest meal, everything just for me I couldn't imagine cooking for someone else I wasn't confident my meals are any good.

It changed a little bit during my stay in Canada. I have been there alone so I needed to cook for myself otherwise I would die or bankrupt and I started working in the food industry. The first I was just a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant but I made also the deserts later and after I worked in a coffee shop but in the kitchen. So I actually served food for others. A big step haha. 

After a while, I learned basic stuff, like cutting vegetables and fried eggs. Still, I made just sandwiches and salads but I guess the important thing was to gain more confidence.

Connect to my experience I started cooking more for myself and these days I don't mind to cook for others as well. Still, I try to keep it simple but I think I am above average cook hehe. Even though I think if you mix good ingredient together it can never be a bad meal. :)


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