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Jun 29, 2019 13:41:51

About content - the MDW app - part 4

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Here we are again. The laziness comes to visit me on Saturday.

Yes, I kinda got stuck with this crazy app but I don't care. It's stressful sure but actually, you can shorten your time with the post to a minimum and I wanna just chill for today so let's cross all the marks in my to-do list in the shortest way possible.

It's funny I thought that the 200Wad Project is kinda unique (sure it is) but in case of writing not. I found out recently many projects which try to make your writing habit easier or trying to motivate you to write.

It's nice but why so many people trying to write that much. Sure I like writing too but it's still kinda another hobby. An activity I would like to improve. I do not have much expectation. Maybe make my blog posts more readable or easy to read.

But yeah, too many people trying to become a writer? Really. I guess it's not that easy, or it looks easy.. just write a book and be famous? I am not sure.

Maybe it is just about the content. Recently I was thinking that not everyone can be a coder and make an awesome app but everyone can make content - written or make a video. Maybe that's the key for me and other no-coders.

But what can be the content on your content "startup".

What is the value? What makes you different? How you can bring something new to the scene? Who knows :) Tell me.


Stay with me. Efran.

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