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Jun 02, 2019 07:54:49

A window into my meditating brain

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Rosie Odsey

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Some struggles are so slippery.

The second I look at it, I'm suddenly in another memory or another to do.

I thought I would stream of consciousness type my way through the 12 minute meditation I do every morning.

It's a meditation about engaging with struggle.

Today's struggle was the stuff about money.


Be curious about it

It's not concrete

I try to find the thoughts

When I look for the sensations they're so subtle

There is tension in my torso up to my neck

Relax around it

I try to justify it and rationalise it

Back to allowing it to be there

Oh, my heart

So often when you hurt, I turn away from you, build a wall around you

I shore up the walls of the castle to try to take away one child's sadness


There is tension on the left side of my neck

Bear Untagged

FB influence

The services funnel

Develop a copywriting workflow and do an affiliate launch

I write down more actionables

Find gratitude

I go back in the steps

Relax around it

Welcome it

I am grateful that I can feel this

Maybe I can ask that client for a job

My brain goes to the quickest ways to take me out of this pain

I need to fix my Facebook page

Savour the experience

I want to sip my coffee

I had water instead

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