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Jun 14, 2019 10:48:12

A True and Crazy Story - 1

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Gabriel Greco

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Okay, here's what happened - and this is a true story, so don't get all skeptical on me just because it sounds crazy. First of all, all I did was watch, maybe I shouldn't have I don't know, man, you know how it is when you're all caught up in something. It's...y'know, at some point it's too late to go back. You're there, fuck it, y'know. 

The only reason it even went down like that was 'cuz Tim called Sketch along. Fuck, man, his name's Sketch for a reason. Okay, so maybe I should've said something, but do you think Tim would've listened? When was the last time he listened to anybody. Anyway, Tim said he was there for a good reason, that Sketch can drive and he's not drinking anyway so he was going to be 'an asset'. That's what he said, an asset. 

Tim got me first then we pick up Sketch at his mom's, a dingy clapboard kinda place, just liked you'd expect. We  then swing over to Baron's, he's out in his yard already waiting all casual, y'know, like all we're doing is headin' out on a country drive. The fucker was chewing on a long stalk of grass and wearing his new Stetson like he's Clint or something. He gets in the back next to Sketch and I don't even think they talk at all. Baron because he hates Sketch and Sketch because he's a sketchy fuck that's why, he never said a word to any of us during all of this, not that I can remember.

We head out of town and Tim puts on some Toby Keith record, he starts singing alon- wait, I was wrong about Sketch, he didn't say anything but the fucker did sing along...and so did Baron I think, "I shoulda been a cowbooyyy!" They all whooped it up. Look, I'm not saying I was just some casual observer, just Toby Keith's not my thing, probably only song of his I ever sang along to was, "I love this bar", everyone gets into that one, y'know.  

So, yeah, we're driving...


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    @gabrielgreco Shit man! from "older couple" reading the newspaper (who does that anymore?) .
    To sketchy guys riding and listening to Toby Keith. You're a f'ing ventriloquist.

    Keep 'em coming.

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | Jun 14, 2019 16:50:46
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