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Jul 31, 2019 15:42:09

 | A Summer near Westcity -- v2 -- 8

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With no idea of what to expect in going over to Mr. Ball's office, I take my steps slow like I'm heading to a place of bad news. But it's not like that at all.

No this isn't like a project deadline I'm loathing having to do. I actually feel excitement in going over to this mysterious place. So maybe that's why I'm walking this way. Because when I arrive, maybe the place won't be a mystery after all... and a mystery is just what I need right now.

And yes, being a no-name undergrad, I do find a professional office mysterious. I've been inside offices of my professors before. They're nothing special. Just rooms with bookshelves, fluorescen lighting, and low quality desks. No place you'd shoot the scene of a dramatic TV series in. These academics worked out of floor spaces the university had sliced into cubicles-on-steroids more so than what I'd consider an office.

But who did I know with such an office? Everybody I knew dwelled in muggy rooms decorated with tapestries, bongs, and large flat screen televisions. Mr. Ball was so remotely different than anybody I knew. And so maybe that's what drew me to him. I didn't know what to expect.

I was walking slow. But not dragging my feet. Taking small steps instead.

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