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Feb 21, 2019 15:03:48

A simpler time

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     A heartwarming story I read today was about an 80 plus years old man who wrote a beautiful thank you letter to the person who sold him a VHS player. 

    It turns out that the man had a lot of beautiful memories in his collection of VHS tapes but had no way of viewing it. The VHS player was almost new and the gratitude of the man was very evident in his thank you letter. 

   One of the comments was that during the time when VHS tapes reigned supreme as the first choice in viewing movie at home, it was a simpler time. This made me think of my own experience when I was renting out VHS tapes - the video store wasn't very far but I had to take a commuter ride to reach it. I had to make sure I decided to get VHS tapes earlier in the day because if I decided too late, the video store would be closed. Also, I had to track when all the VHS tapes were due otherwise I would have to pay a fine. Of course, returning the VHS tapes required another commuter ride back and forth. 

    Contrast it with the experience now: I just have to open my Netflix account either on my mobile phone or my laptop and the latest movies are available for me to watch. Netflix also has an algorithm to recommend what movies I should next watch. I don't have to download anything because I can stream it. If I am going to a place with problematic Internet, I can download movies and a few TV series episodes in advance. 

     When you really think about it, movie watching technology has advanced to the point where it is really much simpler than how it used to be. The VHS tape era is so complicated compared to the Netflix viewing experience. I don't even have to remember to rewind the tapes nowadays. 

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