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Dec 02, 2018 17:56:01

A simple secret to confidence

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Victoria Maung

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I am convinced that confidence is simply faith in your conviction. Someone who resolutely acts according to their moral imperative is confident. 

Confidence goes beyond gearing up your nerves to talk to a pretty person at the bar. Confidence also looks like a comedian unapologetically delivering--at times--off-handed jokes. Or the couple in the club dancing like no one's watching. Or Hayao Miyazaki removing the computer-graphics department from Studio Ghibli in favor of hand-drawn images. Or the eco-warrior who chastises her friends for not recycling their plastic bottles. Or a lobbyist that uncompromisingly defends the right to drill for fossil fuels.

Those people believe strongly in what they do and are busy making it happen. Today, it's too easy to squander precious time passing moral judgement on others. 

The misogynistic and dishonest Donald Trump keeps nominating cronies to our nation's highest offices. How can Kris Jenner continue to commodify her children and grandchildren? That vegan is too gung-ho about environmentalism. That creep is hitting on every girl he meets. I can't believe that person overshares pictures of themselves in skimpy outfits. All teenagers nowadays want to be influencers for a career.

These people are confidently and actively impacting our world everyday. They aren't preoccupied with what others are thinking of them. How are you going to act confidently today?

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