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Jan 18, 2019 07:37:32

A positive workout

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Janne Koponen

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It was once again time to try something new yesterday as our sports club arranged us a chance to go to the fitness warrior class. It's somewhat similar circuit workout like CrossFit, but with even more emphasis to the positive attitude. Cheering up your training partner as well as others in general, high fives and such were an integral part of the class.

Even though it felt close to the CrossFit that I did not like this felt more comfortable. Even though the most distinctive part of the workout: being social was the most awkward part for me. But at the same time, there was some intrigue in it.

Sure, we were there with colleagues, the people I know well. So it's easier to loosen it in their company. I would assume it would become easier with others as well once you get to know them and pass the initial awkwardness.

In a way, it would be both a physical and social training at the same time. That wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially as I have been shying away from any exercising involving any about of socialising. I rather train alone, or just with one or two people I know well enough.

The only problem to give it a better try is the place and the training times. Going there would mean quite long days. Maybe there are similar opportunities a bit closer.

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