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May 07, 2019 11:00:05


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Adverbs applied and avowed ancillary acceptance.

Balloons brought bright beauty before bastards bought Brexit.

Can customers collectively compare challenging courses creating craft-centered competency?

Derivative design decisions dictate demonstrable dependability.

Efficiency entertains entrepreneurial ethos.

Free fucking females forget favors fastidiously.

Germanic Großmutter gave gifts; gorged gravy; got gout.

Humorous hosts having herpes hurts hubby.

If irritation includes Iceland, I'll insist impestuously.

Jack's jerks justify Jason's Jesuit jujitsu.

Klutzes kickoff kooky kazoo kebabs.

Lunch lightly; Love leisurely; Leave liquored

What if?

What would the language be called where all the words in a sentence started with the same letter?

How would we communicate differently? Could we argue? Debate? 

Couldn't cwe cimply cpell cwords cdifferently?

What experiment might you entertain on a day like today? A day where the words came easily after your cup of coffee. The kind coffee that is fair-trade, organic. The farmers are all getting paid directly rather than being taken advantage of by the local bean broker.

The broker -- is now broker than he's ever been. In fact, the breaking of the broker broke the system. Now, should we ever lost interest in coffee farmers and their families -- or their children have so much money they lose interest in actual work -- where will we be - but beside the broke brokers. (Ahem..)

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    lmao that last paragraph is gold

    Abe avatar Abe | May 07, 2019 20:15:36
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